Our Services

Facilitating organisational development

Evidence shows that healthy practices are those which have:

  • A clear sense of purpose and direction
  • High quality clinical and management information
  • Effective leadership
  • Strong financial control
  • Not only do practices with these characteristics have the best patient outcomes, they also tend to enjoy higher than average earnings.
  • The Primary Care Partnership has a range of tools which have been used successfully to support practices to perform at the highest possible level.

Drawing on our extensive experience we offer a full support package which will enable your practice to develop and thrive.

Our approach

Techniques we use for helping to develop your organisation include:

  • Benchmarking – to compare your practice’s performance with that of your peers
  • Performance reporting
  • Risk assessments
  • Training and support of administration and reception staff
  • Facilitating ‘time-outs’
  • Recruitment of senior staff (practice managers and GPs)