Our Services

Engaging and consulting with patients

Public engagement, and the involvement of service users and carers, can significantly improve outcomes in developing and delivering health and social care services.

Successful engagement requires both time and expertise to ensure valid results. Issues to consider include equality and diversity, ensuring appropriate sample sizes, and the development of high quality and objective topic guides.

Setting up the structures and approaches needed for meaningful patient and public involvement can feel daunting.

Our approach

We have a range of different mechanisms for consulting with patients and staff. These include:

  • Web and paper-based surveys and questionnaires
  • Engaging Patient Participation Groups (PPG) and Virtual PPGs
  • Focus groups
  • Structured interviews
  • Mystery shoppers

We are happy to help you to set up and advise on any of these approaches, or we can carry out the consultation on your behalf. Sample sizes can vary from just a few at a series of PPG meetings, to many hundreds for an organisation which may be looking for feedback across a complete clinical pathway.