Our Services

Bid writing and procurement support

Our team offers healthcare planning services for clients who are bidding for a wide range of NHS services. Over the years, we have been involved in more than fifty bids for clients seeking NHS contracts. We have a superb track record in successful bid writing and supporting clients in all aspects of clinical and financial modelling.

We prefer to work closely with a provider from the beginning of a tender to design an effective clinical model and develop an understanding of the proposed approach and unique selling points. However, we are able to tailor our involvement, offering services such as proofing or providing support on discreet questions.

After successfully winning contracts we are happy to be involved in post contract support and implementation work to ensure that new services are professionally mobilised.

Our approach

Key steps to successful bidding include:

  • Developing a realistic project plan for drafting
  • Ensuring that the right clinical model is identified
  • Succinctly articulating a provider’s unique selling points
  • Supporting providers to draw out appropriate examples of best practice to support responses
  • Ensuring financial viability and supporting in the completion of financial management templates (the “FMT”)
  • Working closely with clients, while drawing on our experience and library of bid documentation to help prepare an individual bid
  • Supporting staff through all stages of the bid process from Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), through the Invitation to Tender (ITT) stages, to the final interview