Our Team

Chris Acton (Director)

I’m an experienced NHS business consultant with a postgraduate qualification in Health Economics.  My career started in the voluntary sector, and during the 1990 I was a non-medical partner at a large GP practice in North Yorkshire. In 1996 I formed Acton Shapiro Consultancy and Research and later the Primary Care Partnership with Joanne in 2011.

I’ve been involved in developing the Department of Health’s Primary and Social Care Planning and Design Guidance, giving management support to GP practices, and developing Strategic Service Development Plans.  I have vast experience in project managing capital investment and in preparing feasibility and option appraisals, service planning and procurement.

I am also a keen runner and Director of York on the run which offers accompanied jogs around the city of York.

Joanne Bartlett (Director)

I’ve worked in healthcare since graduating with a 1st class honours degree in Management Studies in 2005.  I worked as a contract manager within a primary care trust before moving into consultancy.

I’ve been involved in a wide range of research and consultancy projects including bid writing and tendering, contract implementation, business case development, performance audits and service development. I’ve worked with a wide range of healthcare commissioners and providers and my passion lies in supporting the development of high quality primary care services.


Partners and associates

Having many years of experience within Primary care, we understand the diverse range of skills required.  We have therefore developed a wide network of partners and associates with a range of skills to meet the requirements of our clients. By drawing skills in and tailoring our team to meet the needs of the job, we are able to keep our overheads down and pass these savings on in the form of competitive day rates.

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